What database options are there for Godot?

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(I’m working on an MMORPG sandbox pixel art 2D game)

I’m not that familiar with Godot Mutlipler but from what I know Godot can do the networking by itself.

So I’m looking for a database that I could use for my game that can worldwide singleton and for storing chat logs, trade logs, etc :package:.

I also have heard you can use like node js with Godot but I’m not sure how it would be nice since I’m working on a web-based multiplayer :globe_with_meridians:.

I also know about Nakama but I don’t like the way it’s working because I cannot export it to ARM and the data I send must be JSON from what I know but if I’m wrong let me know. :grinning:

Also since Godot supports C# I could have some more options for databases, right?
(I don’t know C# but I can learn it)

There is a PostgreSQL driver at GitHub - Marzin-bot/PostgreSQLClient: PostgreSQL connector for Godot Engine in GDScript.
that works well.

I’m not sure honestly I’m just scared of the fact that they haven’t been update in 3-4 years