What does changing the rendering method involve?

Godot Version



When trying to change the rendering method a warning message appears, but there is no information about what it imply.

For example, I tried to change the rendering method in my project (from compatibility to forward+) and all the lights in the scene went messed up.

Is it possible to have more information about the process? Which nodes will be changed and what will need to be fixed?


Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. It’s not easy to understand which rendering method best fits the type of game I’m going to develop. I’m making a 3D top down game with an orthographic view that uses 3D sprites and mesh instances too. Lights and shadows are very basic (I think) and I started using compatibility and (I don’t know why) I can’t achieve the same lights and shadows setting result if I change the rendering method. Though I’m developing a desktop game, I’m not planning to release it on mobile or web.

It’s probably best to start with Forward+ then — it’s less problematic. And if you need a mobile platform in the future, you can optimize it.