What does "Keep custom tracks" do for anims in the advanced 3d scene import

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The settings for animations in the advanced import window aren’t documented as far as I can tell. The docs cover about everything else, but not the settings for animations. Import settings for the import TAB are covered but not the ADVANCED import window.

I’ve been able to figure out that enabling “Save to File” writes the anim to its own resource file (pretty self explanatory). I can probably figure out more with experimentation, but I feel like we shouldn’t have to?

From experimenting it seems like it just makes the .res anim files read only or not. Also about what one would expect but like… feels like it should be written down somewhere official? Can regular Joes submit doc updates or do you have to be on the team? :thinking:

It does what it says, if you have custom tracks added to an animation they won’t be deleted when re-importing that animation.

You can open issues and submit PRs about the documentation in the godot-docs repository GitHub - godotengine/godot-docs: Godot Engine official documentation

So even if an anim is saved to disk as its own file, it’s still linked to the original 3d scene? Like it just reads from there and overwrites the anim file every time if “keep custom” is off?

If you save it as an external file it will copy the animation information into the Animation resource. It will overwrite it only when re-importing the 3D file. If you don’t have the Keep custom tracks enabled then it will also delete those tracks when re-importing the 3D file.

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Yeah ok thanks. Makes sense.

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