What is the the replacement of godot ver 3 texture albedo filter/mipmap flags in godot 4.2?

Im doing some porting from godot 3 to 4 tutorials ,
and i saw in one that when wanting to select Texture → albedo → flags
and then i see checkboxes of filter and mipmap.
Where are those options in godot 4.2?
all i found this :

but there is no option to cancel mipmap

also where in the documentation i can read about it ? what are those options

You can cancel the mipmap generation inside the import settings of the texture.
Select the texture file and go to the import tab.

There are also some texture filter options that relate to mipmap usage
You can see the documentation of all the material parameters in the online docs:

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Thank you ,
But the documentation you linked doesn’t show any GODOT Editor places where i supposed to change