What's the best way to find or start a Team to work on games in Godot?

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What do you guys think is a good resource or way to find and create teams to work on games? Right now I’m a bit new, have participated in 3 godot wild game jams but I’m looking to get more serious. I think I could work with a team but it’s a bit intimidating trying to find one. I currently work an 8 - 4 job so looking for other people willing to learn and maybe get more serious.


A few years ago I set out to find people to work with and very soon I did indeed find some serious guys willing to join even if money was not around the horizon…
I posted on Discord but his and other forums could work as well.

Simply summarize your ideas the best you can in a few sentences and just ask if anybody is interested.
I believe these kind of initiatives are just great! We all love events and opportunities so just go ahead. : )

my take is, if you want to put to together a team, you better be REALLY good at something like programming or art. (or maybe if you are REALLY well-known for something else??)

you indicated that you are still “a bit new”. my advice is get REALLY good before thinking about putting together a team. if you need placeholder assets for your project, there are plenty of free resources online.

here is the assets subsection of the resources section:

if i am wrong, more power to you!


Hi valorup,
I am interested in work on games together (like 2 or 3 months) just to learn to make games. Previously, I have followed some youtube tutorials by KidsCanCode, GameDevelopmentCenter and HeartBeast. But I have never made any game independently. I use Godot 3.5 on my old laptop.

Previously, I tried to follow a book “how to make rpg” by Daniel Schuller about making a early final fantasy game. The book used a more basic game engine based on lua language but I try to adapt it to Godot. There may be quite amount of irrevelant things in the book as Godot already provide similar tools. I stopped after reading 1/3 of the book (about making cutscenes in old rpg style). I am thinking of try to restart the reading project. There is a website which provides some old game asset like Final Fantasy 5. Are you interested in such a project? Or what are your ideas of forming teams to make games?

My approach, when I started fiddling with Godot, was to set myself a goal of making and completing a game. 9 months later I’m getting close to finishing my first game, and while it’s not big or particularly complex, it’s taught me a lot about a) Godot, b) making games, and c) perseverance.

On the team side of things, I’ve been the instigator and the driving force, although I’ve lent on others to create artwork, create music, and help with testing etc. What helped get others involved was having a clear direction, which for me was set in a 2-3 page Game Concept document.

Hi, thanks for sharing your approach.

The games I made (by following youtube tutorials) were simple single-player 2d games which can be usually made in few days: tank game, a platformer game, memory card game, space shooter game, etc. The longest tutorial series I followed was a series of 76 videos of making match 3 game like candy crush by “Mister Taft Creates”. I followed up to near the end of the series when the series covers refactoring the game.

There is an online course “CS50’s Introduction to Game Development” on youtube. In each lecture, a simple game is made. Most of the games are made by using a game engine called “love 2d”. The courses provide the artwork and source codes on github. I made few games by adapting the codes to godot.

I thought of making games in 2 or 3 months so that it is not too simple and not too complicated. One idea is to reproduce a strategy rpg game like Sangokushi Sōsōden (The Legend of Cao Cao"). The original thought was to make a playable battle, able to buy things and wear equipment between battles, characters can earn experience and update to better class: for example, light calvary to heavy calvary. I tried to write some codes so that the player can move different units and attack enemy units, the player can wear some treasure equipment (set up in Godot editor but do not have equipment page in the game yet) which have some special effects: for example counter-attack an enemy after the enemy first counter attacks, immune to any long-distance attack, etc. While it seems to work, the codes look messy as equipment A effect may affect equipment B effect. Then I give up the project.

While following the CS50 course, a book "how to make rpg” by Daniel Schuller is mentioned. I wonder if codes are written differently for a more complex game. I have followed some part of the book some times ago so my memory may not be accurate.

  1. In a final fantansy 5 game, a player character can be moved in 4 directions when it is in idle state. After receiving an keyboard input, the player character switch to walk state and walk to one of the neighbor tile. During walk state, no keyboard input is accepted. After the movement is completed, the player switches back to idle state.

  2. In a town map, the player may be able to teleport from tile A to another tile B. Such map may contains 2 or more levels. In order to properly to display the player character relative to the map, Z-index of the player will be changed when the player enters a ladder tile. Or player can open a treasure when the character is next to a treasure. Such actions are written in an action class and there is trigger class which activates certain actions when the player enters specific tiles. Instances of triggers will be placed in a town map.

  3. dialogues boxes and selectable menu class: not much memory of it- only remember I do not satisfy the outcome.

  4. Cutscenes: In godot, one approach of making cutscene is to use animation player node. In the rpg book, it provides another approach. Cutscene consists of a sequence of cutscene events ( each type of event is a class, for example, fade-in/fade out a black screen, wait some times, moving a character, loading a map, pop out some dialogues). A cutscene manager is made to run the cutscene. when a cutscene event is finished, it is popped out from the cutscene manager.

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