When trying to make a new project, it won't open it

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I just downloaded Godot and have yet to make anything. I made an empty folder for my project, but when I press “Create & Edit” after selecting the folder, it doesn’t open the editor. Instead, it shows the project as “Missing Project” in the project manager. This happens with all renderer options and I even tried changing which drive it’s on. Obviously, I can’t do anything as long as this occurs. How can I fix it?

windows platform?

Windows 10. If anything on this computer is outdated, it would be the GPU (Radeon RX 580 Series).

shouldnt be, do you have console .exe godot? open that and create&edit
see what it said

Alright, I opened the console version and got this error:
ERROR: Couldn’t save project.godot - C:/Program Files/Godot/Games/project.godot.
at: (core/config/project_settings.cpp:913)
Project is missing: C:/Program Files/Godot/Games/project.godot

try create&edit outside the engine/editor folder

I moved the “Games” folder outside of the Godot folder, still got an error.
ERROR: Couldn’t save project.godot - C:/Program Files/Games/project.godot.
at: (core/config/project_settings.cpp:913)
Project is missing: C:/Program Files/Games/project.godot

dont do it on program files, i think it requires admin permission to create file there, hence the error

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How do I tell what’s an admin folder and what isn’t?

well just try to do it outside drive C: or do it on your user document area for the project location

try copy and paste a file to certain location in your c, if it requires admin permission, then it is require admin permission, i havent checked which of the folders requires admin permission for changes. i think we should be able to check it from folder properties

Alright thanks for the simple fix! It’s working now.

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