Where does a texture go after I drag it onto an object?

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I have a 3d model that I put in a scene, I then dragged a .png texture onto the model. I’m now trying to edit/remove the texture, but I don’t see any way to remove it or edit in the scene tree or inspector. The texture isn’t associated with the material, as I’d expect to be.

usually the material override, should be in the inspector

I haven’t been able to get good results from dragging items in some cases. But, textures for models go to the texture in the inspector. The quick load option is to apply the resources you got in the folder.
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The material override is empty in this case :frowning:

What type of node has a texture? I’m using a MeshInstance3D and this is al I see in the inspector:

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Geometry has (1 change) It will probably be a new material slotted into the material override property. Not a surface material override

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Ah, you’re right! I was looking in the “Surface Material Override” in the MeshInstance3D, not in the GeometryInstance3D. Thanks!

sometimes however, by glitch this material override is updated in the editor but the change isn’t really saved, especially when dragging over already overridden objects

This is exactly the problem. What are you talking about.
I got a mesh. Created it. New.
I clicked on mesh. Created new Material.
Clicked on Material. Found the texture in Albedoooooooo-oooo! Argthe, dis da’. Jerd.

They were talking about when you drag an image from the Filesystem onto the object in the 3D viewport. It sets the material override, not the mesh base material.

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