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I have three suggestions for improving Godot but I don’t know where and how to best post them on Github.

  1. I often revoke unique names by accidentally clicking the % icon. I think the “Click to disable this.” feature should be removed or there should be an option to disable it.
  2. I prefer using @export var scene: PackedScene over const scene := preload(…) because Godot automatically updates the reference when I rename or move the scene around in the file tree. But when you rename the variable, its value is set to . It would be great if the value could be kept somehow.
  3. When I store an @onready reference to a node, I always have to add as … to the line to get autocompletion, even though the type is already specified after the double colon.

@onready var player_camera: PlayerCamera = $PlayerCamera as PlayerCamera


I believe GitHub is the way to open a discussion around this. You should also search if there is an existing discussion around this issues before opening a new one too.

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What is wrong with 3?
@onready var player_camera: Camera3D = $PlayerCamera will already give you Camera3D class autocompletion.

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GitHub - godotengine/godot-proposals: Godot Improvement Proposals (GIPs) :slight_smile:
You can open an issue here, probably split up each one up as its own.


Yes, but I have a custom class called “PlayerCamera” and the methods of that class don’t show unless I write “as class_name”.

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