Why annoy me about scale uniformity?

Godot Version



Ok, so. I’m trying to make a map/level for my game. And Godot decides its a good idea to annoy me relentlessly about some “Scale Uniformity” stuff I don’t care about. I’m trying to make a regular normal 3D map for a platformer and I can’t. It also says it will change how it looks and collides with stuff. And it does. Again, I’m trying to make a 3D platformer level, with small Slab-like platforms, not a map that is just a bunch of blocks and looks like Minecraft. What is the point of Scale Uniformity? Why does it exist? Why does it want everything to be a cube? Why does it change how it is when something isn’t a cube? How do I stop it from changing sizes? And how do you make it shut up?
Please help. And yes, I am new.

Do not change collision shapes scale non-uniformly, no physics engine likes that. You can scale everything else. Maybe you need to create simpler collision geometry as sibilings of the visual elements?