Why are the idle animation and walk animation running together?

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Why does the movement animation still affect the character when I stop moving them, causing the idle state to become a blended animation?

I created a movement animation that distorts the sprite, and an idle animation that enlarges and shrinks the sprite. When I stop moving the player, the sprite retains the distortion from the movement animation.

Set a reset value or make it so that the last frame of the animation is your undistorted character. If using the latter, either play the reset track when you end the walk or add an await before playing the idle animation for the respective strategies.

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i had a RESET animation. is that need manual?

I mean, it shouldn’t be, but I don’t know what else would be causing this.
I created a kind of table for you. Tell me if one of these answers works, and please mark it as solved if it does. I don’t like constant messages for a solved topic.
ASSUMED PROBLEM: I suspect that the idle animation doesn’t change any of the values distorted to normal in the first frame, causing the distortions in the movement animation to stay.
ANSWER 1: Try calling the reset track before the idle animation. You would have to do this for every animation change in code, but one line copy pasted in is more efficient than the other strategy. Hope this works for you, as it is the best strategy. Else try ANSWER 2.
ANSWER 2: Try changing it to include normal values for the properties distorted in the first frame essentially doing what the reset track does. I would only do this if required because you would then need to do the same for every single track that you have.