Why does my animatablebody3d change position to its origin after launching the game?

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So I have an animatablebody3d that needs to be animate rotating left and right. However, they start moving towards the origin after the game started even though they are not suppose to do that.

Here is the animation and the inspector

Thank you very much!

I have tried using staticbody3d and it doesn’t create this snap to origin. I don’t know why only animatablebody3d cause this issue

OK I have figure out some kind of alternative solution.
So instead of animating directly on the object. You can use a remotetransform3d into a node3d and animating the node3d and assigning the original animatablebody.
Please select only affecting the rotation and it work like a charm without snaping.
I will keep experimenting and see if this will work with position as well.

just looked at this animatable body 3d recently, yeah it worked too by adding a Node3d as a parent to this AnimatableBody3d, and just change position/rotation of this Parent Node3d in AnimationPlayer will move and rotate the AnimatableBody3d

Well your method work great with rotation but with position not so much. I think we can only choose one when dealing with animatblebody3d with animation and the other parts need to handle with script.

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