Why don't my Hbox and Vbox containers work?

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


Ok, so I’ve been trying to build a good scalable ui and the box containers are messing me up.

No matter what I seem to try nothing ever scales with either of them as their supposed to, any clue?

To help we need to know what you expected and/or wanted to happen.

Do you need to put text in the buttons?

If you want the buttons to each take 1/3 of the screen set them to expand.

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Well, I was reading the docs and it looked like the items expand to fill the box? I’ll try filling them, I also couldn’t figure colorrect’s out

I filled the buttons out with text and they still dont expand right, is there a way to make one item take 60% and the other take 40% I’m looking to make a screen on the right and a selector thing on the left

Uhmm… So its the big obvious expand button, cool.

Something about UI elements in Godot 4.