Why is the Reddit community so unwelcoming?

I was just asking genuine questions in the godot subreddit and I got permabanned from there and every single appeal to the mods and code of conduct team has been ignored, I tried everything. Devs have also been very mean to me, and it’s making me want to abandon game dev.

Godot is not Reddit, to be fair. It’s all over the place. Here, on Mastodon, on Facebook, on Discord. I guess you have to keep trying and find a happy place. Good luck! (We are quite nice here :smiley: )

I don’t think Reddit is a good place to ask actual questions. The site is hard to navigate and has a lot of visual noise. This makes it harder for people who want to help to actually find answers to reply to.

I’d avoid Reddit and Steam forums for anything other than marketing your game. These communities are, in my opinion, more of the pitchfork kind.

That being said, I noticed the Reddit community getting increasingly hostile to newcomers in the last 4 months or so. So if it is any consolation: They used to be kinder.

Unfortunately going public can attract toxic behavior. While I personally condemn this, the discussion shows a few aspects, that you should keep in mind:

  • Are you able to stay motivated even when things don’t work as smoothly as expected? This includes external factors (“Devs have also been very mean to me”) and internal factors (you don’t see solutions for some problems, that you are facing in your project).
  • Can you identify people and groups, that can help you best?
  • How do you deal with constructive feedback?
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You already created a post sharing your experience with the Reddit community here, and it seems like your only goal is to say that the community is unwelcoming without actually adding anything of value.

Your account hasn’t posted any question, replied to any question, participated in any meaningful conversation, or even properly introduced yourself in the welcome thread. You are using the same title as a post that was closed trying to continue the conversation without adding anything new. You are using a misleading title and the wrong tags in the post itself.

Your username is “bannedf0rever”? It doesn’t really show good will to participate here, and I’m starting to believe that it is not the community that is unwelcoming, it is you who are not participating.

What was your username on Reddit? Can you share more details about why you were banned?

As I said in your other thread, if you believe the ban wasn’t right, please do contact the code of conduct team or request an appeal to the moderators in Reddit. This is not Reddit.


i mean doesn’t matter anyway because i was suspended from reddit and my access to the internet is going to be taken away. ive always wanted to make games with godot and mod games but i never will because i sabotaged myself. the coc team has been ignoring me and even if i was unbanned im suspended from the whole site so i cant post. yes i have been depressed and angry about this

I’m sorry that you are going to get your internet access taken away. We still don’t know your username on reddit or what you’ve done to complain about it here. I will close this thread and leave it as a last warning, next time I’ll unfortunately have to revoke your access here as well.

I invite you to participate in the community as everyone else, and hope you are able to find solutions to the problems you might encounter while developing your game.