Why is there no Area light in Godot

Godot Version

v4.3.beta1.official [a4f2ea91a]


Why is there no surface light in Godot.For example, there is area light in Blender

Blender is a digital content creation tool with a ray-traced non-realtime renderer for production rendering where a single frame can take hours as time is not a real concern.

Real surface lights are absurdly costly to calculate compared to other light options. That is why they are commonly not supported in realtime game engines that need to render 60+ frames a second.

With partly ray-traced rendering getting more and more common that tests against the surfaces things get a little better in game engines but it is still a far cry from what is done in Blender.

The main problem with surface lights is that their shapes are arbitrary compared to all other common light options like directional, spot and omnilights. That makes them very costly to calculate and update. Considering that the light pass is already one of the most costly features in a rendering pipeline it is just a bad fit to use “real” surface lights in a realtime renderer.

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But why is there regional light in Unity

Because Unity chose to support it, Godot is open source and a lot of features come down to if somebody wants a feature enough to program it; so far it hasn’t been worth it, and as stated by smix8 it’s runtime cost is inheritly high too.

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