Why lighting change with camera?

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Hi I am new to godot. I want to make 3D game so I did some blender and made cuboid (0.6x0.6x1.2) with bevel mod (width 0.01 not applied). Even recalculated the normals and saved to godot project to use directly blend file. In godot I used one directional light straight down. The cuboid is 1m away from origin. Now my problem is when the camera is close it cuboid is fine. But after some distance it’s shading messed up.

(Sorry I don’t know how to add photo)

please help me with this. Thank you for your time.

This is likely because of automatic mesh LOD. You can disable Generate > LODs in the Import dock after selecting the source file in the FileSystem dock.

Can you upload the source mesh here so we can diagnose this?

first one is when camera is close second one is when camera after some distance. that is the one glitchy. This is bugging me so much. Sorry if my English is too confusing

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