YEETUS (A time-survivor/roguelite where the floor is ammo!)


Hi, I’m Daniel, I started using Godot a couple of months ago when “the big migration” happened :rofl: this is my first Godot game I’m releasing on Steam after a long time using Unity. Had a blast developing it and pretty proud of how it ended up :slight_smile:

It releases this Friday (Dec 15 2024) on Steam


We have 2023😁

Hahahah omg, I’m so ready for the year to end I’m already writing 2024 as the year :rofl:

It is indeed releasing tomorrow, still in 2023 XD

I couldn’t find a way to edit the post, is there one? lol

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At the bottom I have some buttons, also a pen for editing

I see it on my reply, but on the topic itself I don’t see an edit button ;o


This is what I see under the topic (meanwhile on the reply this was added as an edit.