2D Game Hero to be able to get "Squished"?

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Hi all,

I have a question that I am hoping someone might be able to answer. I am making a 2D game and this level has a camera that moves allowing for the player to be trapped in certain places if they go to the wrong spot{s} and they can’t get the hero out of that predicament. At the moment the “hero” gets pushed through the tileset terrain, as you can see, whereas I would like it to say “You have sustained a lethal injury, sorry, but, you are finished here” :rofl:. Sorry couldn’t resist. I just don’t know how to implement a simple death message when you are about to get squished by a wall or some other object you get pushed into. I tried using an Area 2D/collision, but, there are soooo, many areas where the hero could get squished that some kind of alternative would be preferred.

If you can help, here is a big thankyou in advance.


you can make the thing that pushes your player a giant box of death that displays the death message

or make the inner collision of your tile set display the death message

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