3d camera with limited view

I want a game something similar to fallout shelter. For this purpose I have created a vertical StaticBody3D and opposite to it a camera which should move and see something only in the area of StaticBody3D without going beyond the boundaries.

Moving and some zooming of the camera I managed to create.

class_name FreeLookCamera extends Camera3D

var camera = null

var zoom_speed = 1.0  

@export_range(0.0, 1.0) var sensitivity = 0.1

func  _ready():
   camera = get_node("/root/Node3D/Camera3D")

func _input(event):
# Receives mouse motion
if event is InputEventMouseMotion:
	if event.button_mask == MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT:
		var sensitivity = 0.005
		var movement = Vector3(-event.relative.x, event.relative.y, 0) * sensitivity
		var target_position = position + movement

		var plane_position = get_node("/root/Node3D/StaticBody3D").global_transform.origin
		var min_x = plane_position.x - 1
		var max_x = plane_position.x + 1
		var min_y = plane_position.y - 1
		var max_y = plane_position.y + 1
		var view_direction = -global_transform.basis.z.normalized()
		position = Vector3(
			clamp(target_position.x, min_x, max_x),
			clamp(target_position.y, min_y, max_y),
		translate(view_direction * movement.z)

if event is InputEventMouseButton:
	if event.button_index == MOUSE_BUTTON_WHEEL_UP:
		translate(global_transform.basis.z * -zoom_speed) 
	elif event.button_index == MOUSE_BUTTON_WHEEL_DOWN:
		translate(global_transform.basis.z * zoom_speed)

However, a way to limit the camera’s movement and visibility I still couldn’t find. Can anyone help with this?

You are already clamping the position, what do you mean?

For clarity, I’ve added a texture
If I move the camera too far away I can see the area outside of StaticBody3D.
Okay, that’s fixed by limiting the ability to distance yourself.

But when I zoom in on the camera, the limits beyond which the camera cannot move seem to have shrunk. I brought the camera closer and now I can’t see the part by the square F1 and F8

If I bring the camera even closer, my camera travel area is further reduced to a 4 by 4 square area.
I can’t fix this moment. Yeah and I was wondering if anyone had done something like this before me.

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying correctly, or if I’m interpreting your code correctly, so excuse me if I say something incorrect, but it seems to me all you need to do is multiply your limits by the inverse of the zoom, so:


		position = Vector3(
			clamp(target_position.x, min_x / target_position.z, max_x / target_position.z),
			clamp(target_position.y, min_y / target_position.z, max_y / target_position.z),

You may need to adjust it by a factor based on zoom_speed, I am not sure. If you post your project files it will be much easier to give you an answer, because some of this depends on how your viewport is set up.

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