4.3dev3 and 4.3dev4 Save file and godot apply a Undo to the code

The last two 4.3 dev X releases works almost Amazing, and say almost because, after sometime working with Godot + C#, godot apply Undo to the code after run (f5) the game.

I’ve tried to create a new project, clean godot cache, and locations ( I am using linux, ~/.local/share/godot), but still with the same issue.

I continue using 4.3 dev X, because this versions works excellent with C#, and if I have an issue with godot like a scene was corrupted, I don’t have to delete all scenes “corrupted”. But, I only have this issue with the C# version.

Does anyone happens the same ? How did you fixed ?

Can you describe what you mean by “Godot apply Undo to the code”?

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Yes, you open Godot mono, start coding with VS Code, then return to Godot, press F5 or Run project and godot makes undo (most of the times) to your code, so everything that you typed, is gone. To apply your changes to the code, return to VS Code, and just Ctrl + Z, then again press F5 or Run project to see your changes.

Its super weird because, since 4.3dev3 happens.

This is probably this issue then, I imagine.

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Yes, yes thank you.