Adding elements from one array to another array makes nothing (<Object#null>)

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I need multiple arrays:
bad_food is used to store elements (buttons) which are not on the scene
food is to store elements which are on the scene

extends Node2D
var bad_food = [$Button1, $Button1, $Button3]

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready() -> void:
	var food = []

In the end console printing: [<Object#null>, <Object#null>] and giving an error:
E 0:00:00:0606 @ @implicit_new(): Node not found: “Button1” (relative to “Node2D”).

I think that error is saying the $ syntax failed to get a node. Where are your buttons relative to your Node2D in the scene tree structure?

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Assuming the NodePaths are correct you’ll need to use the @onready annotation because the node won’t have a reference to the SceneTree before that.

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They there in the Node2D like that:

Everything started to work by connecting to the _ready func there referenced all arrays.

Thanks! It’s working!