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Hi all,

I want to create my own characters but what is a tool u use for that? If it is a paid tool I dont mind.
I want to use it for human but also animals. When google I see many different sites but maybe someone here already know a good one?

What kind of program do you want? Vector graphics or bitmap? 2D or 3D?

Character creator is a free/paid software to create characters, it is the best but I think you can’t able to create animals here, as all know that blender is the best software for modelling, you can create animals there

Creating a character for games in Godot using MakeHuman

it’s 3D, but you can render in 2D:


Now there are animals in there too:

Makehuman dog

Makehuman horse

Thank you guys… I go try both :slight_smile:

Because I used Scratch for a while, I use (click see inside then costume editor in the top pane) in the costume editor for all my art.

I see a lot of different stuff… I tested the mentioned tools but not what i search for. Now I try to make a character with AI tools and then use accurig for the moving parts, then import in Blender and from there I hope to get it in Godot… Tomorrow I know if this will work fine