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So I’m planning to make a function that changes the class (e.g. PlayerScoreCard) into a builtin type like an array or dictionary. Essentially to pass around a light weight state of the class that isn’t directly referencing the main class.

I know I can do this by making a manual list of properties into the container variable, but I’m hoping this could be done programmatically. I know I can get a list of properties, but I want to filter that into a list of properties that exist on this new class only. I think I can do this by appending the property name with a prefix or suffix to filter against, but I’m wondering if there is a better way?


This is the closest I got:

const prop_exclude_list : Array[String] = ["score_events"]
func as_dictionary():
	var script = get_script()
	var props:Array = script.get_script_property_list()
	props.pop_front() # removes hidden script property refernce
	props = props.filter(func(dic:Dictionary): return not prop_exclude_list.has( )

You can get the properties introduced by the script, but the first prop seems to reference the script itself. so pop that off
Then I may have some properties that I dont care about so I can filter those out.

This has eveything I need, now I’m worried about whenever I make changes to the class the clients that reference this dictionary may interact with it in the wrong mannor.

I think I can define enums and make sure I use them so when I change the class it throws an error on the clients…

I found a solution:

extends MultiplayerSynchronizer

class_name ScoreCard
static var res:String = "res://src/match-manager/score_card.tscn"
static func new_scorecard(id:int)->ScoreCard:
	var score_card: ScoreCard = load(res).instantiate()
	return score_card

class Card extends Resource:
	var active : bool = true
	var player_id : int = -1
	var score : float = 0.0
	var rank : int = 0

var card : Card =
var score_events : Array[ScoreEvent]

signal updated(card:Resource)

func copy_card()->Card:
	return card.duplicate()

func _ready():

func setup_replication_config():
	var props =get_local_filtered_properties()
	var base_path : String = get_path()
	for prop in props:
		var prop_path : String = base_path + ":card:" +

func get_local_filtered_properties() -> Array:
	var script = card.get_script()
	var props:Array = script.get_script_property_list()
	props.pop_front() # removes hidden script property refernce
	return props


So instead of using an array or dictionary i used an inner class.
This allows me to encapsulate the things I wish to transport in a class that will update everywhere I use it and avoid access incorrect properties at runtime. I can also use the same get script properties on the inner class just as before.

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