Alternative to container that allows child scale changes?

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I’m designing a card game. Cards can be equipped to body areas (head, chest, etc). I want to show these with the cards scaled down to something like .2 size for each area and then when the player mouse overs the card it will expand to scale of 1. I’d like to maintain the layout in a container so it flows with window resizing but the container controls the scale.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Sorry if it is a bad question, I’m learning Godot, definitely a noob.

What is the setup for your card, like the node setup, are they sprites in 2D, how many, etc?

Root type is a panel, with various children for description, image, and stats.

I found a way to do this. I put the card as a child of a label. The label is in the container. I use position mode for the card. That allowed me to use scaling.

Why do you use Label as the parent?