AnimationPlayer is yellow and I cannot view animations in the AnimationPlayer

Godot Version



This animation belongs to an imported scene, so changes to imported tracks will not be saved. To modify this animation, navigate to the scene’s Advanced Import settings and select the animation. Some options, including looping, are available here. To add custom tracks, enable “Save To File” and “Keep Custom Tracks”.

I want to make a 3d animated face using flat eye and face textures

But AnimationPlayer is yellow and I cant view it to add texture changes in animation

I tried to go to every individual animation, saving all of them to file and keep custom tracks

Then I tried to make all the animations unique

yet the animation player is still yellow and uneditable gicing me that improted scene warning

To edit animations, save the scene, close it and again reopen it

Still the same thing

Ohhh, I see, first if you are creating a new inherited, then right click on the parent node means on the node3d and change type to node3d again. Then save the scene and reopen again, then lets see if its works? I have tested it and its works properly

It stopped being yellow but I still cant do much with it

So the animation player`s editing not working, have you done to save the scene and reopen it?

I have saved and reopened multiple times, although for some reason when I update my glb model the changes dont make it to the player

When you save to file you need to also load that file, the ‘make unique’ screen shot shows all animations are still “built-in”

Make a new AnimationPlayer, manage the library and load the animation you want to edit; or if you are only adding new tracks you can use an Animation Playback track to play from the GLB’s animation player.

I would highly recommend trying out the Animation Playback tracks on a new AnimationPlayer