Array.resize() not working

Godot Version

4.2.1 stable official


I’m stumped five ways to Friday.

My typed array [String] is not resizing as I add data, evident by an Invalid Set Index error when setting any index not explicitly defined upon declaration. So for example, I’ve defined index 0 to “null”; index 1 onwards will throw the error.

Here’s the relevant bit of source code. Sorry about the long names:

var obstaclePathStart: String = “res://resource/graphics/obstacle/”


var obstaclePathPlaceholder: String = “placeholder/”
var obstacleStringPlaceholder: Array[String] = [“null”]
var obstacleTexturePlaceholder: Array[Texture2D] = [null]
var obstacleBitmapPlaceholder: Array[Object] = [null]
var obstacleCountPlaceholder: int = 0

func loadAssets() → void:
obstacleCountPlaceholder = scanFolder(obstaclePathStart + obstaclePathPlaceholder, obstacleStringPlaceholder)
assignTexture(obstacleStringPlaceholder, obstacleTexturePlaceholder, obstaclePathStart + obstaclePathPlaceholder, obstacleCountPlaceholder)

func scanFolder(path: String, fillStringArray: Array) → int:
var directory: Object =
var count: int = 0
if directory:
var fileName: String = directory.get_next()
while fileName != “”:
if directory.current_is_dir(): # Skips any sub directories
print("Loading from: " + fileName)
if fileName.get_extension() == “png”:
fillStringArray[count] = fileName
count += 1
fileName = directory.get_next()
return count

func assignTexture(from: Array, to: Array, path: String, items: int) → void:
for i in items:
to[i] = load(path + from[i])
print(path + from[i])

func assignBitmap() → void:

What I’ve tried:

  • Using a dynamic instead of typed array (same errors)

  • Manually adding each element i.e.

var obstacleStringPlaceholder: Array[String] = [“null”, “null”, “null”, “null”, “null”, “null”]

(Actually works, but is orcish and should not be the way to do this)

  • Using the array itself instead of passing it to the function (same error)

  • Using the resize() function on the array to make sure those indices exist i.e.

var obstacleStringPlaceholder: Array[String] = [“null”]

But it throws the following error: Unexpected “Identifier” in class body.

What on earth is going on? I must be missing something obvious.

Edit for clarity: both scanFolder() & assignTexture() are having this Set Index Error problem when trying to load the obstacleStringPlaceholder and obstacleTexturePlaceholder arrays respectively. They’re not dynamically resizing, which, okay whatever fine (probably not performant anyway), but as you can see above .resize() is not working for me either.

What the error is trying to tell you is that you need to resize your array in a function body, e.g. in _init() or _ready().

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My goodness. I should have tried that! It would be nice if I could set that upon declaration, but hey I’m not complaining.

Thank you kind stranger.

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