AudioStreamPlayer not emitting finished()

Godot Version

Godot built from master branch but tested with 4.2 branch as well


I am using ogg vorbis sounds with AudioStreamPlayer for main menu sounds (button clicks etc…) Sounds play fine with .play() but i am not getting the finished() signal.

I have seen AudioStreamPlayer doesn't emit a signal "finished()". - #2 by system and made sure looping on the ogg import is not checked. But i still do not get the finished signal.

The sounds were exported to .ogg vorbis using audacity. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Looping is disabled in the AudioStreamPlayer as well.

There are a few outstanding issues with AudioStreamPlayer and finished(). Possibly you experience one of them. See for example AudioStreamPlayer does not call "finished" signal · Issue #87802 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

Thanks, thats the same issue. Tested the PR to fix it and it works.

I had the same issue with ogg files exported from Audacity. The workaround was to use FFmpeg to convert wav (or another format) to ogg.

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