BehaviourToolkit - Finite State Machine and Behaviour Tree Plugin

This plugin provides a set of tools to create custom and complex behaviour in the Godot 4.x Game Engine.


  • Get the latest version from the main branch on GitHub
  • Install it directly using the Godot Asset Lib


  • Behaviour Architectures
    • Finite State Machine
    • Behaviour Tree with generic utility
    • Nest Behaviour Tress in State Machines and vice versa!
  • Blackboard Resource
  • Editor Interface with shortcuts
  • Templates for easy extension and integration

When a new version is available on GitHub, the plugin will display a notification in the Toolbox!

Further Development

I and a few contributor are continuously working on new features, bug-fixes and extension of this plugin. Most of the discussions happen on GitHub, so feel free to open an issue if you encounter a bug or have a feature request.


The interface is accessible after adding either a new BTRoot or FiniteStateMachine node to your scene!


A new version with scriptable tween nodes in the BT is now available!

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2.0.0 is now live on Github!