Best/proper way to do UI sounds (hover/click)?

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Godot v4.2.1 stable


I am wondering what’s the most efficient way to apply sounds to UI elements like buttons for hover/select and click/press events?

I’d like to keep it flexible and easily maintainable.
Since I don’t want to go through every button to update their sounds if I ever want to change them, I had an autoloading AudioManager that would be called to
play sounds. Though, I still had to attach a script to every button that would hook up their signals to play said sounds.

Is there a different/better approach?

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Create a class that inherits Button with the sound functionality, name it something like SoundButton and create instances of that instead?

You can try using an Autoload and connecting to the SceneTree.node_added signal to connect to the different signals you want to play sounds.

This is an self-contained example:

extends Node

var playback:AudioStreamPlaybackPolyphonic

func _enter_tree() -> void:
	# Create an audio player
	var player =

	# Create a polyphonic stream so we can play sounds directly from it
	var stream =
	stream.polyphony = 32 = stream
	# Get the polyphonic playback stream to play sounds
	playback = player.get_stream_playback()


func _on_node_added(node:Node) -> void:
	if node is Button:
		# If the added node is a button we connect to its mouse_entered and pressed signals
		# and play a sound

func _play_hover() -> void:
	playback.play_stream(preload('res://beep_short.wav'), 0, 0, randf_range(0.9, 1.1))

func _play_pressed() -> void:
	playback.play_stream(preload('res://beep_long.wav'), 0, 0, randf_range(0.9, 1.1))

Feel free to create a scene with more advanced settings (exporting the audio sounds, creating different audio players,…)

You could use groups to differentiate buttons and play different sounds.


Thank you!
This worked best for my needs.

See also the workarounds described in this proposal: Add interaction sounds to BaseButton (customizable via theme) · Issue #1472 · godotengine/godot-proposals · GitHub


This is cool, thanks, mr!

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