Best scripting language for an action rpg?

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Hello everyone I am ready to work on my first complex game specifically an action rpg that as a close reference has the tales of phantasia.

Until now I work in godot with gdscript but for this project i don’t thing it’s enough( taking the all the calculations needed, AI for the enemies and party members and rendering everything) so I research a little and I get a lot of mixed signals, some says gdscript is enough, others gdscript with gdextension or on the other side with mixing gdscript and C# or fully C#.

I want to ask for this type of game which is a good option and how i can aproach this with tutorials or something to give me an idea how I should structure the code?

Gdscript is enough for it, gdscript and C# are almost same

Both languages are good, but don’t forget that using C# you can use different libraries (truth be told, these are rare cases). Also Godot supports cross-language scripting and you can write in two languages and exchange data between script parts. But it’s also worth noting that pure C# is still faster than GDScript. It’s up to you how you write, because I think you can do this case study in any of them
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