Building headless for F-Droid with Custom Android Template Gradle

Godot Version



Having some issues with my metadata for F-Droid.

At almost the end of the build (30min), I get a very annoying error.

ERROR: Cannot export project with preset "Android" due to configuration errors:
Android build template not installed in the project. Install it from the Project menu.

I have downloaded the latest export template release (.tpz) and extracted into res://android/build.
Where do I get the correct files and what locations do I put these files?

MOST RECENT BUILD PIPELINE: fdroid build (#7296119327) · Jobs · Wyatt A / Data · GitLab

CURRENTLY RUNNING WITH NEW LOCATIONS: fdroid build (#7296542977) · Jobs · Wyatt A / Data · GitLab

METADATA: metadata/page.codeberg.jumpingpants.opentransit.yml · page.codeberg.jumpingpants.opentransit · Wyatt A / Data · GitLab

I know I will get a signing error at the end of the currently running build, if the android template error does not occur. Signing error is easy fix. Just need to disable signing in export_presets.cfg

my current directory was in the wrong folder, solved