C#: Is there no built in cache for input action names?

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For many things where Godot requires strings, there are caches that can be used instead of typing strings by hand. Like SignalName or MethodName. But I haven’t found one for action names. Is it true that there is none?

no IntelliSense in Godot Editor for C#,
If you want something lightweight you can use Visual Studio Code with C# plugins.

Check out InputMap.GetActions()

It won’t provide intellisense, but it can be used to get an action name list.


func _ready():
	var _res = InputMap.get_actions();
	for _act in _res:
		print (".gd: Action: '", _act, "'");


    public override void _Ready() {
        var _allActions = Godot.InputMap.GetActions();
        foreach (var _act in _allActions) {
            GD.Print(".cs: Action: '", _act, "'"); } }

I am using Visual Studio Code with several Godot extensions. Is there one that provides cached input actions from Godot’s input map?