Can i apply a material to a particle system? can i make it emit a custom mesh?

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are the meshes in the set of default ones you can make a particle system emit the only things that can be emitted? or is there a way i can plug in a custom mesh?

also- if i have a custom material/shader material, how can i apply that material to the emitted meshes? i know that i can make a ‘particle shader’ but that seems to be a shader for defining particle motion, etc

Yes, you can emit a custom mesh. Assuming you are using a GPUParticles3D node:

  1. Process Material is used for a particle shader, the one that controls the emission, placement and movement of particles.
  2. Draw Passes is where you set your custom mesh to be emitted as each particle
  3. Geometry > Material Override is where you set your spatial shader to do vertex and fragment functions on each particle mesh

I think there might also be a way that the Draw Passes has a mesh resource with a spatial shader already applied. But I have not figured this out yet.

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