Can I do HTML 5 web games with Godot 4.2 or 4.3

hello fellas, I have a question about Godot’s Web build capacities and performance. Is Godot ready to do web builds for professional work or should I go for any other engine ?

Thank You :sunny:

I tested Godot 4.2 web export on a few days ago and it worked. Right now, I think it works but it will work better in 4.3 with the work currently being done.

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yes, I have also played web games built with Godot on

But I have my concerns for professional or commercial work. I would require Poki SDK and Crazy-Games SDK despite being newbie to gamedev and programming.

But I am worried about ram limitations imposed by web browsers and Godot’s high ram usage on web builds compared to alternatives. ( like Defold and Gdevelop ).

Currently I am using Gdevelop ( has Poki and Crazy Games SDK ).

I have also heard that Godot uses OpenGL 2 and web builds from Godot don’t run on ios and Mac.

for commercial work this is concerning.

Do you have any info regarding this. Any help would be praised.
Thank you !

Godot 4.0 and later uses WebGL 2.0 on the web, while Godot 3.x can use either WebGL 2.0 (if using GLES3) or WebGL 1.0 (if using GLES2).

WebGL 2.0 works fairly well nowadays, but there are known issues with long startup times on macOS + Chrome due to it not using ANGLEMetal by default yet.

Godot 4.3 will most likely readd support for running web exports without threads (like Godot 3.x), which makes it possible to link to third-party resources without triggering CSP errors as cross-site isolation headers aren’t required anymore in this configuration.


How stable do you think Godot is for commercial Web builds. If it depends on the games I want to make then most of them would be casual with few assets. I love Godot for its working and interface. But don’t know much about its web build capabilities.

I have played few web games made with Godot on On few ( only one I saw yet ), browser showing memory usage exceed message etc… Are these Godot’s web limitations or dev’s un-optimization ?

If stability and low resource usage is promordial for you, use Godot 3.x with GLES2 using an HTML5 export that has threads disabled (which is the default). It’s the lowest-end and therefore most reliable option possible.

Have you added the poki SDK in your godot game? I want to add it in my game but it’s giving me an error that Javascript identifier is not declared. I downloaded the poki SDK from github

It is in my addons folder but it’s not performing as it should.

Specifications -
Game made using godot 4.2
Game Exported to html5 using godot 4.3 dev 5 html template (downloaded from manage export templates)
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Hello, since you have mentioned poki, so it must be a commercial project.

First i would say it in few words.

First I did my heavy research.

I found out, Godot 4.2 is not good for commercial web games for now.

I relinquished Godot 4.2 and looked at the scope of my game. I found, I can make my game in other engines like Gdevelop too.
Gdevelop is also a very powerful tool.

I can also recommend Defold Engine as well ( a Lua based Full Fledged Game Engine )

I stopped using godot 4.2 because

  1. Godot games often throw errors when loading web games, sometimes they won’t load on mobile. I have heard about they don’t run on mac and ios
  2. Even empty project size is more than 9MB for web. It would lead in long loading times and thus will create bad impression for your game AFAIK
  3. I somewhere read, Godot’s design does not fit web games. Godot is designed to run multi-threads and make a heavy use of them.
    This results in jaggy audio. Because Web games are single threaded.

I don’t know how far you have come in your project or how experienced you are.

I have heard, in Godot 4.3 web export problem ( jaggy sound ) will be fixed because they are doing things like Godot 3 back in 4.3

If you are targetting Poki, then the size of game won’t hold you back from getting accepted by them.
( Godot web exports are big in size )

But loading time will affect your game, web games need to load fast else people just go away for other games.

If your games does not work on mac, ios, Android or it has any other problem then ofcource you will not be allowed to publish your game on Poki.

I know it was all off topic but I am concerned about your hardwork and won’t like to hide anything I know

So, I don’t use Godot 4.2 for web games and I looking forward to 4.3.

And currently I am using Gdevelop.

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Thanks for replying back.
I have completed my project. I just want to see if my project can work properly by integrating poki SDK. Also, I uploaded my game on to run as a web browser game and it’s working just fine.

I just want your help in solving this Javascript variable issue. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this JavaScript variable issue. I’m confident in managing the remaining aspects independently, so there’s no need for concern on that front.

Thanks in advance!

You using Poki Addon on Godot 4.2 which is meant for Godot 3.4

Does that work ?

Also, I have not used Poki plugin on Godot ever and am Beginner lvl at coding.
So I believe, someone with more engine knowledge can help you.

I beg your pardon.

I know that the Poki SDK is meant for godot 3 but the code can be manually edited to work for godot 4. The only problem is with the JS variable. I found another website’s godot SDK. (Introduction - CrazyGames Documentation). They have mentioned a JS singleton.

I know that singletons are made using scripts and then they are enabled as autoloads but I don’t know where I’m gonna get the Javascript script(gd format).

Here it says in the link 3.5 but autoloads are also there in godot 4.

The only issue is with the JS singleton. Please help me with this issue. Thanks in advance!