Can test in one PC ENet multiplayer game?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


Hi, I’ve decided to make a simple game and I’m trying to test it on a single PC with two windows. The game uses ENet and when one window creates a host, the second one connects and gives an error - ENetConnection instance isn`t currently active.

You can test on one computer. Could you post the code you are using to create the connection and to connect to the server? I would be guessing at what the issue is without the code used.


extends Node3D

var client = null
func _ready():
	client =
	client.connect_to_host("localhost", port=2040, 4)


extends Node3D

var Server = null
func _ready():
	Server =
	Server.create_host(10, 5)

Sorry, I am starter, please reply on Simple send var of clien to server by ENet