Cant do normal animations for my code(wall slide/wall jump/crouch)

help pls i m trying to do metroidbania but im a beginner so i need help wich wall slide/wall jump/crouch/fall animations
i want you to help me /or help to do state machine for animation

pls help to make state machine for my code i just dont understnad how to do it

My code : extends CharacterBody2D@onready var leftwall_ray = $leftwallRay@onready -

One thing I notice is that you are using raycasts… why not is_on_wall() if you’re using move and slide anyways?

If you’re building a state machine, it’s best to build it working with one or two states (say walking and idling) then add other states into it as you develop it. Trying to reforge a large piece of code into a smaller state machine, especially if you’re new to it, can be daunting.

i used is_on_wall and its just jump like i didnt mean to, i cant make limit for jumps when is_on_wall