Can't switch input language for Korean Typing Game

Godot Version



I followed a YouTube tutorial and got a typing game working with English. I wanted to switch to Korean which doesn’t work quite the same because the English follows every key input where in Korean it takes a minimum of two and up to four key inputs.

I figured I’d make an array [“Display Word”, “Individual Character”] ex. [“안녕하세요”, “ㅇㅏㄴㄴㅕㅇㅎㅏㅅㅔㅇㅛ”] to have it keep track of the individual characters. My problem now is, I can not switch my keyboard language to Korean while the game is running. I can get windows to change to the Korean language. It forces it to English input only and doesn’t allow me to switch it to the Hangeul (Korean Character) input. If I try running the game while on Korean input, when Godot runs it forces it back to English.

If someone could please help or knows how to deal with Korean specifically since its weird in how it works for typing that would be great.