Cant use C# in Godot!

Godot Version

Godot 4.22


I cant use C# in my Editor when ever i try to make a new script, I can only use GDScript the option for C# does not show up!!! Can anybody help?

Did you download the .NET version and use the .cs file

Use this link to download on windows (x86-64):

Or just make sure to download the .NET version (for your platform):

Once you have the C#/.NET version to build your C# code (so you can see any errors) in the editor use the hammer icon in the top right (this is also done when you click any of the run buttons in that same area).

whats the cs file?

when you create a script it will ask you if you want to use .gd file for gd script or .cs file for c#

wait there is a separate version of Godot which has .NET and has c# support?

the .NET version is the only version that supports C#

oh found it thanks!