Changing export variables of script in packed scene from editor

Hello, i have little system to create enemy waves with enemy objects, enemy object has some export values

extends CharacterBody2D

class_name Enemy_class

@export var spd: int = 50
@export var hp: int = 10
@export var knockback_recovery: float = 3.5
@export var expirience: int = 1

enemy variant is passed into resource for wave management

extends Resource

class_name spawn_info

@export var time_start: int
@export var time_end: int
@export var enemy: PackedScene
@export var enemy_num: int
@export var enemy_spawn_delay: int

var spawn_delay_counter: float = 0

i want to be able to create tweaked enemy types, like up the spd of certain waves, but i dont know if there a way to change spd of enemy from packedscene export variable for one spawn_info object

i want to achieve something like this

is this possible to achieve?