CharacterBody3D no longer moves RigidBody3D once it comes to a standstill

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My character is of the CharacterBody3D type which I move via script and MoveAndSlide(). There are also a few objects in my game that are of the RigidBody3D type. These have a spherical shape.

When these objects are in motion and my player and I run against them, I can still see that this one seems to have an influence on them. However, once they stop, they don’t move a bit.

I don’t understand. I have already tried out all possible values regarding damping, mass, etc. on the RigidBody3D objects. (I also tried unchecking the “Can Sleep” option in the editor).

Without success.

Can anyone tell me what this could be?

Here’s a small tutorial about character and rigid bodies interactions Character to Rigid Body Interaction :: Godot 4 Recipes It’s for 2D but the same applies to 3D

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Was helping me perfectly! Thx!