CharacterBody3D "pushed-up" or "tilted" while using avoidance

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1.stable


Hello. I have multiple CharacterBody3D on a 3D map with Navigation and avoidance. The characters had a tendency to block each other so I enabled avoidance and set the avoidance layer and mask to the same value in NavigationAgent3D. It works most of the times, but sometimes a character is “pushed up” (along Y-axis) or “tilted” (rotated around X-axis or Z-axis). I want the character to stay on the ground and remain straight.

I tried to enable all the axis lock options of the Character’s PhysicsBody3d, but that didn’t help at all. Do you know what’s happening and how to fix that ?

I disabled the “keep Y velocity checkbox” in the navigation agent and the issue seems to be gone. \o/