Coder Recruitment for a Fangame

Hello everyone (that’s viewing this post)!
Me and my team have been working on an Undertale Fangame called Team Nebula’s Undertale Courage (TN!UTC for short), and we’ve got a decent team so far of about roughly 15 people.
The only issue is… we’ve been coder-less for a while due to our main (and only) coder having so much other work on his plate that it’s unfair for us to burden him with our game as well.
If one of you would be as so kind to join, you would not only be in control of all of what our game eventually becomes, but you would get to (and have to learn how to) make character movement, scene changes, fights based off of Undertale but not exactly the same, and many other things!
This may sound like a burden, but you’ll enjoy it. Trust me.
We can’t pay, unfortunately, due to this being a passion project, but we’d still like your help with our game (if possible)!
If you would like to help, (and have discord), send a request to me (jeffthecowfish72) on discord and I will give further details if necessary and/or I might just hire you right into the job if we’re that desperate (lol).

Check out our Gamejolt if you don’t have discord and want to request to be on the team, or if you just want to view! (Game Jolt - Share your creations)

Thanks in advance,
JTC72 and the TN Dev Team