COGITO - First Person Immersive Sim Template for GODOT 4

Hey everyone,
Happy to see the new forum and I wanted to show what I’m currently working on:
COGITO is a First Person Immersive Sim Template Project for Godot Engine 4.
In comparison to other first person assets out there, which focus mostly on shooter mechanics, COGITO focuses more on providing a framework for creating interactable objects and items.

Current working features:

  • Full gamepad support!
  • First person player controller
  • Main Menu + Pause Menu
  • Basic AudioManager for playing common sounds (needs rework)
  • Player attributes (component based)
    • Health
    • Stamina
    • Exposure (drains if not within Safezones, for survival games)
    • Brightness (aka visibility goes up within Lightzones, cumulative to a limit)
  • Raycast Interaction system
  • Included Prefabs for:
    • Carryable crate
    • Door (unlockable)
    • Lamp (switchable)
    • Chest (item container)
    • Wheel (press and hold interactable)
    • Hazard Zone (Area3D that drains a player attribute)
    • Items:
      • Flashlight (combine with batteries to recharge)
      • Battery (used to recharge Flashlight by combining them)
      • Health Potion
      • Stamina extension potion (increases max stamina)
      • Key to unlock door

There’s still some bugs but I’m hoping to open up the GitHub for this soon to get more feedback and ideas what to add and improve.
You can see videos showing off the individual features on my Mastodon profile, like this one here: COGITO: Lowering a draw bridge


God Bless you man…
This is exactly what I needed.

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amazing work!!

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Thanks y’all!
Still has some bugs and needs more polish and improved documentation before i set it completely public, but it’s getting there.
Feel free to send me a message if you want early access to the GitHub.

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Great job!

Templates are such a crucial necessity for communities, and really helps to nail home how many different aspects of Godot works! I also quite enjoy the focus of interactions instead of a generic FPS template. I’ll be following you and your project :slight_smile: .

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Will it be possible to change to 3rd person view?

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Hi, third person view is currently not planned to be part of this template.
BUT: You should be able to takethe Player Interaction component from COGITO and attach it to your own third person controller and with some minor tweaks it should work.

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Thanks for the reply! Very interesting template, will keep an eye on the work. :sunglasses:

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Adding some links to clips that show different features:

Combinable Items used to create key item

Playing COGITO with gamepad

A simple lamp

Player Stamina in action

Flashlight that uses batteries

Health items in action

Open a locked door with a key


Hey everyone,
Can’t seem to edit the opening topic post anymore but I just wanted to say that I’ve set the Github repo for this public:

Cogito on GitHub

This is still Alpha and there’s bugs, but feel free to check it out. Would love some feedback and if you end up using it somehow, please let me know! Would love to see what people come up with.


It’s very powerful stuff! :+1: Well, what does C# 5.0%? The project ran fine on the regular version of Godot (GDScript).

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A previous commit of this had the C# script for the Godot Input Helper plug-in included (even though it wasn’t used). I’ve removed it but I guess GitHub still displays the C# in the percentage.

The project itself is 100% GDScript and will stay that way.


Maybe you will find this exercise useful:

Constructivism Interior Visualization

Well this looks cool! I’ve been making a template for potentially making 2D platformers easier to create, but this throws me out of the water!

Having downloaded it, I am concerned with the size. At 2GB, it feels like a lot, and I can’t really see what’s causing it to be so big! Makes it hard to suggest using it for a smaller gamejam project.

I’ve given it a try, I’ll put feedback on issues in Github. But I am very impressed all the same, this feels like a massive step in making Godot a more beginner friendly AND more help improve workflows for more confident designers!

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Thank you!
In regards to size: Yeah something is off with the repo. 1.5gigs is just the git dir, so I have to look into that. I’m new to using GitHub so I migh’ve set it up wrong.
If you grab just the /addons/ and the /COGITO/ dir, it’s about 18mb.


Hey everyone, wanted to let y’all know that there have been a few updates and that there’s now a walkthrough video showing off the current features of this template here:


Me too, its so good

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to stop by that there has been quite a few updates since the last time I posted, also thanks to a lot of community contributions.

I’m currently working on improving overall flexibility of the included components, a new demo scene to show everything off, and new tutorial videos and a new documentation.
It’s still going to be a bit until, but there’s steady progress, here’s a pic of part of the new demo scene.


It looks nice. Waiting for the demo scene.

Hi! Thought you might like to know I used your template in a gamejam recently to create a horror game. I’ve only used a couple of components, but it was really helpful to get my little horror game up and running. This project really does feel like a big stepping stone to help people make interesting 3D games without having to do all the fidly bits each and every time!

Here’s the game -

I do have some feedback, but I’ll post it to the github page.