Collision issues with Brackey's "How to make a Video Game - Godot Beginner Tutorial" on Youtube

Godot Version

<GODOT-4.2.2 stable win64>


I am using Brackey’s tutorial on youtube and he teaches how to put in a 2d world boundary and a tileset physics layer. But my knight character keeps falling through the boundary.

The knight has a CollisionShape2d circle around it. And my game node directory looks exactly like his, “Game>tilemap + player>camera2d.” And the player node’s directory being, “player>animatedshape2d>collisionshape2d.”

Following his tutorial I painted the gray blocks over the tilesets I wanted to be blocked off, which is the same as his. Made sure the tileset had collisionlayer0 as what I wanted to paint as I did it. I even did the partial painting on the bridge part of his assets.

Basically, I have followed his tutorial seemingly exactly play by play and as soon as I get to the part he pushes play I do as well and it does not act the same way. I don’t know what to do. I posted on his youtube channel as well.

In the menu of the editor window, click on “Debug” and make sure “Visible Collision Shapes” is active. If you now run your game, do you see shapes for both your player and your tiles? If not, then you didn’t set up the tiles correctly. In case you do, make sure the collison_layer and collision_mask values of both your TileMap and Player node match (easiest way: reset them all to their default values).

Thank you, it ended up being that my collisionshape2d was a child of characterbody2d. So dragging it to be in the same file as characterbody2d fixed the issue.