Collision shape following bones

Godot Version



Hello, I have Rigidbody3D with an animated Skeleton inside to have the animation. For now the collision is a simple capsule but I want to make it more complex, I was hoping to get a system like CSGO where I can attach collision to bones. I tried but either using BoneAttachement or a custom script setting the CollisionShape position to the bone position but neither are working. How can I do that ? Thanks!

You can create a physical skeleton to add collision for bones. You can check here how to do it:

I don’t think this is working. Those physical bone collision are not following the bones when they are animated. And they also don’t report as collision of the parent rigidbody.

Yeah, I forgot how physical bones actually work, sorry. You have to activate them using physical_bones_start_simulation() but it’ll make them go ragdoll, so probably not what you want…