Compile godot source code for linux in windows OS (godot 4 and up)

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i search in the docs and in the net,
The instruction to compile godot for linux only in linux OS!

any one can give me info how to compile from source to lixux in windows OS

i succes to compile to windows android and web

The easiest way to compile for Linux from Windows is to set up WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux): Install WSL | Microsoft Learn

This way, you have access to a full-blown Linux environment that behaves the same way as an actual Linux virtual machine. It’s able to build Godot and run it (at least in headless mode).

To improve compilation speeds, put the Godot source code on the WSL virtual drive as opposed to the usual system partition that Windows uses. This way, no cross file-system access needs to be performed, which is expensive (especially with WSL2). Once compiling is done, copy the binary to your system partition.

Ok I understand

Thanks for the help!!

but you Can same way install Linux in virtual machine like VirtualBox

It looks like a shady solution
I believe some one knows the original way to do it

what kind of Linux version to choose if I want to choose the virtual machine solution?