Compute Shader: Works, but Editor gives Errors?

On Godot 4.3 dev5.

I’m writing a compute shader to generate some custom mipmaps. My shader has an array of image2D uniforms defined as:

layout(set = 0, binding = 1, rgba32f) restrict uniform image2D img[16];

I am instantiating a texture resource in Godot (using C#) as follows:

_rd.TextureCreate(texFormat, new RDTextureView(), [data]);

This texture has the correct dimensions and mipmaps defined, and the data array contains the original full quality image. All of the bytes used for the mips are zeroed out. I am then making views from this texture resource, one view for each mip level and adding them all to the same uniform object.

_rd.TextureCreateSharedFromSlice(defaultView, rdTexture, 0, mipmapIndex, 0, RenderingDevice.TextureSliceType.Slice2D);

When I am setting up the pipeline on the local rendering device, this error gets thrown in the editor debug console:

E 0:00:12:0519   NativeCalls.cs:51 @ void Godot.NativeCalls.godot_icall_0_3(nint, nint): Command can't have itself as a dependency.
  <C++ Error>    Method/function failed.
  <C++ Source>   servers/rendering/rendering_device_graph.cpp:472 @ _add_command_to_graph()
  <Stack Trace>  NativeCalls.cs:51 @ void Godot.NativeCalls.godot_icall_0_3(nint, nint)
                 RenderingDevice.cs:2981 @ void Godot.RenderingDevice.ComputeListEnd()
                 TilesetHelper.cs:308 @ Godot.Rid DungeonSynn.Tilemap.TilesetHelper.SetupComputePipeline(Godot.Rid, uint)
                 TilesetHelper.cs:139 @ System.Byte[] DungeonSynn.Tilemap.TilesetHelper.GpuComputeMipmaps(Godot.Image, Godot.TileSetAtlasSource)
                 TilesetHelper.cs:122 @ Godot.ImageTexture DungeonSynn.Tilemap.TilesetHelper.CreateCustomMipmaps(Godot.TileSetAtlasSource)
                 ComputeTesting.cs:21 @ void ComputeTesting+<>c.<_Ready>b__0_0()
                 Callable.generics.cs:39 @ void Godot.Callable.<From>g__Trampoline|1_0(object, Godot.NativeInterop.NativeVariantPtrArgs, Godot.NativeInterop.godot_variant&)
                 DelegateUtils.cs:86 @ void Godot.DelegateUtils.InvokeWithVariantArgs(nint, System.Void*, Godot.NativeInterop.godot_variant**, int, Godot.NativeInterop.godot_variant*)

However, the shader still runs just fine and I get my expected result back.

So I’m doing something wrong, but not in a serious enough way to cause my shader to fail. I’m going to be honest, I’m at a complete loss for how to fix this. I can only assume that the issue has to be the fact that I’m setting multiple texture resources to the same uniform, but they’re all actually just views into the same original texture. But I don’t know why that would be a problem, as I’m not really sure how else to use the view functionality otherwise. Does anyone more familiar with compute shaders have any ideas as to what’s going on here?