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Is it possible to have conditionally exported variables?
what I mean is something like this:

@export var is_moving_platform:bool = false
@exportif(is_moving_platform=true) var point1:Vectory3 = Vector3.ZERO
@exportif(is_moving_platform=true) var point2:Vectory3 = Vector3.ONE

So in the editor, the variables point1 and point2 would only appear if is_moving_platform is checked.

I believe this should be possible as I can see some of the settings for built-in types have something like that.
for example Area3D’s Gravity, you can check point to have some more options appear

There was an old thread asking the same, but the answer provided was related to Godot3, and not applicable to Godot4

I wrote a short tut on my wiki. Have a look.

If you need help after that, lemme know.


Seems more complicated than it should be.

I will give it a try, thanks for the quick answer.

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totes agree.

OK after reading the wiki I can honestly say I do not fully comprehend it, however I was able to understand enough to make it work for what I wanted.

In case this is useful for others, this is what I did:

 # @tool is absolutely needed
@tool extends Node3D 

# This variable has to be exported
@export var is_moving_platform:bool = false:
		if value == is_moving_platform : return
		is_moving_platform = value
# These variables are going to be shown when is_moving_platform is checked.
var moving_speed:float = 5.0
var moving_points:Array[Node3D]

func _get_property_list():
	if Engine.is_editor_hint():
		var ret =[]
		if is_moving_platform:
			# This is how you add a normal variable, like String (TYPE_STRING), int (TYPE_INT)...etc
			"name": &"moving_speed",
			"type": TYPE_FLOAT,
			# This is how you add an Array, to define a type it seems that "24/34:Class_Name" is needed in the hint_string, or you will end up with null
			"name": &"moving_points",
			"type": TYPE_ARRAY,
			"hint_string": "24/34:Node3D",
		return ret

Thank you @dbat for the answer, you can feel free to close this Topic.

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you “close” it by picking the solution from here

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