Control elements not following the camera?

In this image, the first string of the label is not following the camera.

And with the button it’s the same thing, the text follows the camera but the image doesn’t, what’s happening here?

The label & buttons have a fixed position in the scene. When you move the camera, you change what portion of the scene you’re viewing. So this is expected behavior.

If you don’t want your label & buttons to move, create a new CanvasLayer node and add them as child nodes to that. So your scene tree would look like this:

  • Scene Root
    • TileMap
    • Characters
    • etc. …
    • CanvasLayer
      • Label
      • Button
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Might be related to this known bug: Zero child of CanvasLayer (which is a child of Camera2D) may render with wrong transform [Windows, Intel HD 630 or lower] · Issue #58314 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

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duplicated Ninepatchrect because apparently the first node doesn’t work correctly.

According to this issue it must be something related to my machine

I’m going to make the first Ninepatchrect invisible and then buy a better computer