Control Node Behaving Strangely

Godot Version



Hey All,

I’ve got 3D project going. Throughout development I was struggling to get my head around the anchor system, things just weren’t lining up how they should. So I had been placing UI elements via position, but now I want to support other window sizes, so I’ve gone back to take the plunge re-setup everything using anchors. Once I figured it out, it works great! Results are as expected. However, now I’m experiencing something very very strange. When I start the game, my main control node has shifted off screen, down and to the right as shown here:

While the game is running, if I change position either x or y of the control node it immediately snaps into place where it’s meant to be.

I have no scripts manipulating anything about the base control node whatsoever, only its children.

Any ideas? I’m pretty much stumped.

(edit: I guess I can only post one image? Maybe I can post more in replies if you have questions about the setup.)