Controls in-game don't work in the exported .exe file

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I’m finished making a small arcade game and exported it to an .exe file.
Somehow the controls in the main menu work, but the controls of the player in the game do not.
When running the project with F5 (on Windows) the controls of the player do work.

The main menu uses the same button Input Map for up and down as the player.
It’s a simple Input Map:
move_right = D and right arrow key
move_left = A and left arrow key
move_up = W and up arrow key
move_down = S and down arrow key

Does anybody know what’s going on here?

(I have not yet included any code, because I don’t know where to start and what to share. If you have any idea and need to see some part of the code, let me know and I will share it.)

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Alright, I solved it.

I exported the game with the Debug console and got the following message:

So it couldn’t preload the player_bullet.tscn, because I renamed the res://player folder to res://Player. :sweat_smile:

Now it all works. :smiley:

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